Added Protection


Will your records stand up to legal scrutiny? When tested will the patient confirm that they were fully informed? Are patient photographs always stored securely? With Consentz protection is of vital importance: pre-populated medical notes; highlighting, initialling and signing of consent forms; patient privacy modes; and encryption of records ensures that both you and your patients have the utmost protection.


Consentz uses the latest cryptographic functions to secure your data

Online Security

Online security that’s second to none – using the latest cryptographic functions to encode your data and photos, running on Amazon servers which are fully ISO accredited. All your data is backed up and encrypted, including treatment photographs making it extremely difficult for any unauthorised person to access the records.


Can your patient records be lost, stolen or destroyed? Most likely there is a low risk of this happening, but the impact could destroy your business. With Consentz everything is stored securely & remotely – all you need is internet access to run your business.

Digital Consent Forms

Record digital signatures, highlight important points and ask your patient to initial highlighted sections prior to signing. Your patient can easily review consent on their patient application. This combination of discussion, signing, and reviewing is a great framework for recorded informed consent. Find out more here.

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Concerned that prying eyes can see information they shouldn’t? Consentz hides confidential calendar information from being displayed, photos can be set to be viewed only by chosen clinicians and a secure PIN stops patients from leaving the patient zone of the application. Find out more here.

Comprehensive Medical Records

Pre-populated medical records make comprehensive and fast recording of your medical consultations. These are time and date stamped and once saved can then be edited (but not deleted), providing you with the best protection in any medico-legal claims. Find out more here.

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