Measure Your Whole Business


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Improving your business always starts with understanding your data. But how can you achieve this with information stored in filing cabinets or on isolated computers? With Consentz you have access to all the data that spans your business, including appointments, treatments and billing. Select and display the information you want to see.


Unleash Your Data. We Care.


Consentz Dashboard displays your dynamic graphs that measure the help of your clinic

Check the Pulse of Your Buisness


The Consentz Dashboard allows you to select and view multiple reports, graphs and tables that measure the health of your clinic. These are dynamic reports, which can be customised to your needs and are updated in real-time, so you can see at a glance how well your business is doing.




A customisable screen where you can display the key variables you need to track, be it the number of treatments administered last month or the names of your best patients.


An extensive selection of reports to choose from covering all aspects of your clinic, such as patient retention, average Botox usage per patient, or even a patient postcode map.


View your cash, card receipts by supplier, accounts receivables and revenue quickly and easily. How much have your customers prepaid and how long has this cash been held by you?

Drive Growth and Efficiency


With Consentz you can quickly get a full picture of how your clinic is performing and then dig deeper into your data to gain more insight. By uncovering trends on, for example, patient retention, cross selling and patient concerns you will be able to grow your clinic faster and more efficiently.

Drive growth and efficiency by understanding your clinic performance and transform your business



KPI for a top level subject such as patients, can be further analysed, such as: spend per patient or patients who haven’t visited recently. Action plans can then be put into place to drive better results.


Track how well you’re doing by comparing your data against last week, month or year. Motivate yourself and your team by setting goals and targets and track in real time.


A 1% gain here and a 1% gain there – soon you’ll see meaningful growth and efficiency. Transform your business with continuous marginal gains.

Understand the numbers behind your clinic

Understand the Numbers


When you see information on your clinic do you ever think I don’t understand this, or so what? To many clinicians understanding the meaning behind the numbers and interpreting them can be daunting. This is where the Consentz Academy comes in, giving clear analysis on all graphs, and also providing advice and ideas on what you could do improve your business.



Every graph and data query has it’s own explanation page helping you discover what lies behind the numbers. Each page includes descriptions, trends and possible actions.


The Academy search bar makes searching easy – simply type in the information you are seeking, such as Patient Education or Patient Retention and have your query answered.


With comprehensive advice pages, you have access to knowledge from the clinicians and business consultants who have worked and grown many business in the UK and around the world.

So What Makes Us Different?


Focus Your Dashboard
Set out your dashboard with exactly what you want to see. Choose from a large range of graphs and reports.
Integrated Analytics
Our platform wouldn’t be complete without integrated analytics for your clinic. With Consentz, you can see all of your key performance indicators and check the pulse of your business at any time.
Revenue Reporting
Find out which activities lead to revenue for your company. Use Consentz to segment your data based on any asset – staff/treatment/equipment and relate it back to revenue.


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