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Photos & Records


A Smarter Way to Keep Your Medical Records


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Spending more time on administration than treating patients? Say goodbye to time consuming record keeping, while still having good medical records. Consentz brings together photography capture, editing, retrieval, consultation note taking and consent forms into one clean process your clinicians will love.


Complete Records, Quickly Prepared. We Care.


Compare before and after photos

The Perfect Photography Toolset


Tedious photo taking and management is redundant. Consentz comes with an intuitive and comprehensive photography feature set that you and your patients will love.




Tools range from changing colours, font sizes and shading whole areas quickly, to recording and altering the quantities administered.


Have you ever struggled for accurate before and after photographs? Consentz’s ghosting feature allows you to precisely line up photographs so you get the very best comparisons.


Photographs can easily be selected from a carousel of all the patient’s images, which are time and date tagged for easy identification. A privacy feature can also be used to hide intimate photographs if required.


Plan for Future Treatments


Prepare Treatment Plans for all of your patients, so you build life long relationships and have your patients come back time and time again.

Build Treatment plans to increase patient retention



Set up the schedule of treatments and intervals between treatments.


The Treatment Plan can the seen by the receptionist to make the necessary appointments.


Patient can view their Treatment Plan, appointments, treatment videos, and brochures on their smartphone.

Highlight, Sign and Share Consent Forms

Consent Forms


Informed consent is essential to all cosmetic medical treatments. Consentz makes this process both rigorous, comprehensive and easy to document. So you can spend the time discussing and informing the patient rather than chasing around for forms and pens. The signed consent forms can then be viewed on the patient’s smartphone for total clarity.



Never have to find or print a consent form again. Ensure you always have full and informed consent. A library of consent forms is available for you to select, edit and approve.


During the consenting discussion, critical areas of the consent form can be highlighted by the clinician. The patient can initial these areas to confirm their understanding.


Warnings are built in to ensure that consent forms are always signed before saving.

Complete Record Keeping In Less Time


Always have fully documented consultations. With Consentz, create pre-populated consultation notes for each treatment saving you from rewriting the same text over and over again.

Complete Patient Medical Records



Pre-set all of your recurring consultation notes to avoid missing key critical elements in your consultation and ensure your records are always complete.


If you are pressed for time and end up making a medical record for a consultation over the course of a day simply keep editing the record. There is no need to make numerous records that relate to a single appointment.


To fully protect clinicians against any legal accusations of tampering of medical records it is not possible to delete a medical record once archived. All notes can be edited indefinitely until archived.

So What Makes Us Different?


More than a Photograph
Consentz can accomplish so much more than just taking a photograph. You can use Consentz to record, explain and demonstrate all that you’ve done and can do.
Concentrate on the Patient
Time-saving record keeping features and document management allows you to spend more time discussing the needs of the patient and not have to spend hours afterwards writing up clinical records.
Protecting Your Business
The combination of consultation tools, record keeping, consent forms, treatment plans, after-care notes and the patient smartphone app significantly reduce the risk of medical-legal claims against your practice. Increase the trust your patient has in your professional expertise.


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