Patient Application

Patient Application


Keep Your Patients Close to Your Clinic


Giving great customer service, will increase patient retention, frequency of visits and spend. But how do you do this when they leave your clinic? With the Consentz Patient App you can give your patients access to their records, photos, treatment plans and treatment brochures/videos via their smartphone – engaging and informing them like never before.


Your Patients. We Care.


Consentz Patient App keeps you connected you with your patients

Build Long Term Relationships


The Consentz Patient Application is an extension of your clinic, keeping your patients in touch with you. The Application is branded to your clinic’s specifications and you have the option to share with patients their photos, treatment plans, consent forms and consultation notes. The Consentz Patient Application improves trust, helping you to build long term relationships with your patients.




The videos and brochures of the treatments offered in your clinic can be watched on the Patient Application, at the patient’s time of choosing. Your patients will know all about your services, making them much more likely to ask about and choose other treatments.


Provide your patient with access to their medical records – in written or audio form – as well as their signed consent forms, and after care notes giving them complete knowledge of their treatment journey. This openess accelerates the building of trust, as well as helping to protect you in the case of a claim.


A straightforward download will get the Patient Application onto your patient’s iPhone, with secure passwords keeping their information safe and visible only to them. Android version will available soon.


Appointments and Contact Information


Why have you patients struggle to find information on your clinic and their treatments? Make life easier for your patients by having all your contact information, team profiles, treatment plans and appointment details in one place. Also make communication easy between your patients and your staff, with one touch calling and emailing.



The agreed Treatment Plan can be reviewed by the patient at their leisure, to give them an overview of their journey with you and giving you patients that are all re-booked for further treatments.


All future appointments are scheduled and shown on the iPhone, meaning that there are no more lost pieces of confidential documents or forgotten dates.


All of your contact information can be easily found by your patients, including a map of your clinic’s location.

So What Makes Us Different?


Make Your Clinic More Personal
Project the exact image of your clinic to your patients and engage them so that you remain top of their minds even between appointments.
Educate Your Patients
Don’t let your patients run off to a competitor because they don’t know what your clinic does. The Consentz Patient Application helps ensure that your patients are fully informed about your services, as better informed patients are much more likely to buy.
Keep Yourself Better Protected
The most rigorous record-keeping, consent process, photos and after care notes, provides great protection for you in the case of a medical legal challenge.


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