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There are lots of tools out there to book appointments, but what about truly building a long-term patient relationship? With Consentz you can quickly book a new patient, ensure patient privacy, notify the clinician of patient interests and, of course, send reminders. Consentz enables you to transform your appointment booking process with a calendar system that you and your reception staff will love.


Book Patients. We Care.


Manage appointments for any clinician using the calendar

Manage Your Clinicians


With the Consentz calendar system you can create a new appointment for a new patient in the about the same time it takes for an afternoon yawn. Consentz allows for easy viewing of all the clinicians, rooms, and equipment. The full functionality of the calendar is available via the iPad or desktop, whilst staff or outside support can use the diary anywhere.




Show when clinicians are available or unavailable. See weeks and months ahead, and overbook if you need to.


Easily see what rooms and equipment are free and which aren’t. Ensure a patient requiring multiple rooms or equipment has an enjoyable experience.


Manage all aspects of an appointment from the information window, where changing an appointment is very easy, without having to type.


Optimise Your Practice


Your practice managers will be fully equipped to make sure that clinician’s diaries are always busy and any key issues concerning the patient are known.



Automated reminder messages can be scheduled at times of your choosing, or simple send out a message when you need to, so patients will never forget an appointment again. The messages can also be sent by either SMS or email.


Build a waiting list of patients eager to see a particular clinician. Notify patients on the list as soon as an appointment is available. So the next time you get a cancellation – fill it without telephoning around.


Relying on your memory is not always best. Make non-medical notes about any patient issues or interests enabling richer and better informed conversations to occur.

Instant Access to Your Records


Consentz gives you instant access to your records, including consent forms and questionnaires, and ensures your patient’s privacy is protected at all times.



Don’t waste any more time searching for a name – maiden, married or nickname – Consentz allows you to search on multiple fields. So just start typing and you’ll soon find exactly who you’re looking for.


No more covering the screen to stop a patient seeing the names of other patients. Simply press ‘privacy’ and all screen names will be blurred out. So you can quickly make the new appointment without breaching any confidentiality or banging your head.


Duplicate records creates inaccuracy in your analytics and wastes time searching for patient info. With the visibility built into Consentz duplication only occurs if required, so your patient records and data will always be easily searched and analysed.

So What Makes Us Different?


More Personal Appointments
Use Memory Jog to make sure you remember your patient’s key interests or issues. Update the patient’s smartphone with the new diary information so the patient is always engaged with your clinic.
Grant Patients’ Wishes
By using Waiting Lists and messaging you are in a great position to respond quickly to a cancellation and book the appointment your patient wants without spending time ringing around.
Efficient and Accurate.
Save everyone time by tightly controlling the clinic diary and keeping everyone informed, with an easy to use, multi-view calendar system.


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