Building a Cosmetic Medicine Business

There are lots of considerations when it comes to launching a private clinic, from getting to grips with regulations and purchasing equipment to hiring and marketing – there are numerous jobs to tackle from the get-go. We’ve picked the brains of some our clients across the aesthetics and medical sectors, to nail down the broad […]

How is tech benefitting our health? The latest innovations in a nutshell….

There are lots of ways in which tech is benefitting healthcare. Given we work with a host of businesses day in and out in order to convert them from a paper-based environment to a software-based system, we’d definitely say that tech is close to our heart. As a result, we’re always interested in hearing about […]

Top Tips to Ensure an Effective Consultation – Part 2

In our last post we looked at how to engage patients as they first enter the clinic. Now we’re going to focus on the consultation room itself. The first thing to highlight is the experience of the practitioner, as it adds gravitas and encourages faith in their abilities. It also puts the client at ease. […]

The Latest Buzz from the Aesthetics Industry – A round-up

The aesthetics industry is fast-moving and there are two key questions practitioners should ask. Firstly, how can I help bring more patients into my practice? Secondly, how do I ensure my patients keep returning? One answer is to keep on the pulse of the top trends in the Aesthetics industry and widen your offering to […]

Top Tips to Ensure an Effective Consultation – Part 1

Consultations are obviously hugely important, they’re key in not only converting business in terms of moving a patient from a consultation to a treatment plan but they also help retain patients. Often consultations are not effective owing to a variety of things, making a poor first impression can lead the patient to think that such […]

VAT Options now available via the Control Centre

Is your business VAT registered? You can now charge VAT where appropriate by setting up your clinic to accept VAT invoicing. Active VAT setting in the Control Centre on a per clinic basis Assign a reason for each Treatment – eg. physical or cosmetic Add VAT to any price list item when creating an invoice […]

Online Booking Now Available

New features introduced on the 7th June Online Booking – Open up your calendar to your patients! Once set up, your patients will be able to book appointments from your own website, with the option to charge a deposit or to pay the full amount managed seamlessly by Stripe. For more information on setting up […]

Practitioner App 1.1 Released

New features introduced on the 22th March Patient Sharing between Organization – We’ve added the ability to share patients between your clinics. Simply toggle the share option in the Control Centre to share all your patients, or share them individually from within their Patient Profile. Minor Bug fixes and Stability Enhancements More information available from […]

The biggest change is just around the corner…

GDPR was designed to harmonise personal data privacy laws across Europe, to protect all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organisations approach data privacy. What makes up personal data? Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable person, no matter how it is captured and store – so personal data on […]

Website Update

Frequent visitors may have notice that we’ve updated the website – same style, new content. We hope you like it!